We have all encountered inspirational leaders who’ve helped us, taught us, encouraged us, pushed us to get outside our comfort zones, or motivated us to become the best version of ourselves.

What is it about their leadership styles that inspire us to do more for our team and our personal and professional growth? 

Turns out, we admire these leaders for the same reasons we love our favorite hotels, resorts, restaurants, or bars: How they make us feel is essential.

Members of today’s workforce—especially millennials and Gen Z—are looking for inspiring environments and work that truly fulfills them. Before anyone is compelled to do anything they first must feel.

Speaker, consultant, and hospitality industry veteran Taylor Scott knows that the most effective leaders approach their roles with heart, emotionally connecting with their team members before attempting to manage them.

Taylor draws from his two decades in leadership roles at respected hotels, resorts, and restaurants. He distills the principles of gracious hospitality, translating them into actionable leadership lessons which apply in any industry. 



“Whether you are a new leader or a seasoned leader, if you strive to connect with your team with authenticity and with a servant leadership attitude, Taylor’s experience and sincerity will give you clear, easy-to-understand approaches to leading others from the heart.”

Kimberly Isley-Pesto, United Airlines, Global Learning and Development Manager

“I had the pleasure of working alongside Taylor and can speak first-hand to his unique ability to connect and lead with heart. Lead with Hospitality will equip readers with principles to inspire their teams to bring true hospitality into action.” 

—Rick Jordan, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition

“Taylor walks the walk!  His ability to create genuine connections with his peers and teams is almost magical.  I’ve worked alongside Taylor and experienced his passion and success in creating a culture of learning where people feel seen and heard.”

—Colleen Birch, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, SVP Revenue Optimization


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    “Moving into 2021 and understanding the changes in the world of Hospitality, Lead with Hospitality is a book all leaders should read. Taylor’s stories illustrate the power of leading with hospitality and helps provide a step-by-step guide to tap into the heart and minds of those one leads.”

    Lindell Skinner, Disneyland Resorts, Sr. Manager, F&B

    By sharing his own personal experiences working with some of the hospitality greats, Taylor lays out a plan that is not only actionable, but enjoyable. Now more than ever, our ability to create meaningful connections with our employees is paramount. If you lead people, you need this book!

    —Sarah Moore, MGM Resorts International, VP Brand Marketing

    This book gets to the heart of what matters (or should) in organizations today. Taylor has worked for some blue chip organizations and he’s taken what he learned from experience and now teaches how these ideas will make your business better.

    —Mark Sanborn, President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc. and Author, The Fred Factor and The Intention Imperative