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Taylor Scott

Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Leadership Development Consultant

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about how to Lead With Hospitality. Our purpose is simple: to inspire a human approach to leadership which will not only help leaders get noticed and get selected, but most importantly inspire them to GIVE their heart and completely change the game for themselves and their organizations.

Taylor Scott

Lead with Hospitality: Now Available!

Lead with Hospitality is a call to action for leaders to connect with people on a human level which ultimately inspires teams, organizations, and companies to go to the next level. Taylor shares specific, practical steps you can take to put these principles into action. He shows how to connect, serve, engage, coach, and inspire your peers, teams, and even your own leaders.

Ballgames to Boardrooms

In Ballgames to Boardrooms, Taylor resurfaces what many have forgotten from those simple, yet profound lessons we learned playing sports at a younger age. Our Little League, High School, and College coaches taught us lessons, values, winning principles, and dropped pearl after pearl of wisdom we never knew we needed back then.

Taylor is bringing them back to the forefront and inspiring anyone and everyone who wants a change in their day-to-day grind. The lessons we learned playing sports when we were younger can be applied today, in the midst of our busy, frustrating, often demoralizing, and stressful corporate climb.


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What People Are Saying

Nick Byrd

Bell Captain
The Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY

Taylor's vibe and presence are electrifying! In our time together he helped me see and sharpen my skills as a leader; and made work not feel like work. What an inspiring guy! I loved that he truly loves what he does and that I was able to keep a piece of his knowledge with me to better myself moving forward.

Jen Harris

Fitness Director
Sun City Anthem

We live in a world where most are caught in the corporate trap of numbers and process, management and business speak. Taylor brings the missing and crucial element of compassion and trust back to leadership. His programs remind us that there’s a huge difference between being a manager and being a true leader through his thoughtful and and engaging approach. Trust me, you need this!

Ashley Chalk

Vice President of Partnerships
Complexity Gaming

Many are navigating a new normal for conducting business and it’s been worthwhile to pause momentarily and invest in leadership development exercises with Taylor Scott. Taylor is a dynamic thought leader whose welcoming personality creates an experience that is one of kind for anyone regardless of the industry you represent. I would highly recommend you carve out time to take advantage of his teaching.

Amie Guswiler

Housekeeping Manager
Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort at Walt Disney World Resort

These live learning experiences with Taylor have allowed me to connect on a human level with like-minded leaders. He encourages me to think differently about my approach to leadership. I look forward to continuing to grow and develop myself and my network with these sessions.”

Jason Meucci

Talent, Culture, and Leadership Development Consultant

I participate in leadership development courses frequently, and what I really like about Taylor and his content is, as critical as this work is, he makes it seem so relatable and digestible; not overly heady or academic. I hope to stay connected with Taylor for a very long time.

Brad Walker

The Brown Hotel

Taylor is professional, talented, dynamic, thought-provoking, charismatic, and quick on his feet. I once saw a 30-year Disney veteran speak at a Historic Hotels of America event. I thought Taylor was a much better presenter!

Laura Book, PhD

Assistant Professor

Taylor connects with diverse audiences by sharing his stories, insights, and experiences in an engaging way. He is passionate about developing others and his energy is infectious.

Sonny Ritacca

Advance Sales Consulting

Taylor's ability to customize content specifically for my 100-person team of sales and operations leaders, along with his ability to captivate an audience is second to none. Our group was inspired and motivated all year.

TJ Christensen

CEO and Founding Partner
Blue Gator Consulting

Taylor's passion is inspiring, and his positive energy is contagious. Our team was both enlightened and entertained, as he teaches through the power of storytelling.

Joseph Mejia

Sr. Sales Performance Manager
Avis Budget Group

Taylor taught me that being a leader isn't' about fitting into a mold of someone else, but instead being a genuine person, passionate about your people, believing in your vision.

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    Get Started Working with Taylor Today!

    Join the community and receive weekly notes of encouragement directly from Taylor and be notified of upcoming events and new offerings.

    Call or email us to discuss which services best fit your needs, Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm PST