In the intricate art of leadership, fostering a culture of hospitality extends beyond mere comfort and being welcoming. It reaches its full potential with the profound ability to make each team member feel genuinely important. This third and pivotal piece of the leadership puzzle, when seamlessly integrated, propels teams into new dimensions of productivity, fulfillment,

Understanding the purpose of an organization is more than a mere concept; it's a catalyst that unites individuals in a shared mission. This truth, although simple, often gets overshadowed and dismissed. Teams sometimes find themselves going through the motions, lacking positive energy and a sense of purpose at work. The solution lies in ensuring everyone

In the bustling world of corporate responsibilities, a thirty-two-year-old middle manager found herself facing a challenging task. This dynamic professional worked for a rental car company in a corporate, regional role supporting Operations Managers and frontline associates across multiple locations. Her mission was to instill knowledge, provide guidance, and ignite motivation to maximize sales in

We've all encountered extraordinary service in various forms—a seamless hotel check-in, an unforgettable dining experience, a charismatic bartender, or that one exceptional call center representative who turned a potential crisis into a solution. Regardless of the context, the effects of exceptional service linger, leaving us with a profound sense of welcome and appreciation. Appreciation, as an

The stories guests and customers tell aren’t because of the nightly fireworks, Cinderella’s castle, lakes of dreams, chandelier bars, state-of-the-art workout equipment, or the dazzling presentations to Wall Street.  Instead, guests vote with their feet, their wallets, and their Instagram accounts because of the emotional connections sparked and reignited.  It’s all about how people made them feel. 

A Harvard Business Review article by Scott Barry Kaufman entitled, “Why Inspiration Matters” reveals why inspiration is so, inspiring. Kaufman’s article cites research by several scholars to further support his hypothesis that inspiration matters.  In my own research, I took an interest in the work Kaufman cited from psychologists, Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliott,

The Importance of Feedback Feedback is important because it not only drives performance in a positive direction, but it also positively impacts the attitude and mindsets of all employees. When employee mindset and attitude are on the up and up, business results like profits, satisfaction scores, and employee experience will follow suit, in a positive, upbeat