We can all agree that it’s very difficult to foster productive, meaningful relationships at work, at home, or in the community without effective communication.   By the same token, it’s nearly impossible to communicate effectively, with anyone, without some level of understanding. Thought for the week: Intentionally seeking to understand, in any situation, magically transforms: -Heated arguments into conversations-Mere acquaintances into meaningful relationships-Bad days

Your team’s busy going in several different directions at once.  You’re busy going in several different directions at once.   Yet, the need for connection doesn’t stop.   “Well-connected teams who can communicate effectively see a 20-25% increase in productivity” (McKinsey Report). One thing about every single one of us is that we literally wired to connect.  In our careers

Prior to the pandemic, professionals used to average 0.9 one-on-one meetings a week, that average has since increased to 5.6 one-on-one meetings a week, a 500% increase (reclaimai).  If you’ve been reading my blogs, have worked with me, or are in the learning and development space yourself, you know…all humans crave interaction and connection. After (and