In the realm of corporate leadership, the significance of inspiration cannot be overstated. Scott Barry Kaufman's insights, highlighted in the Harvard Business Review article "Why Inspiration Matters," shed light on the transformative power of inspiration. Thrash and Elliott's research further reveals that inspired individuals exhibit heightened drive and possess invaluable qualities like creativity, self-esteem, and

In the intricate realm of corporate leadership, feedback serves as the compass steering both performance and employee attitudes. Great leaders, akin to skilled coaches, understand the nuanced dance between formal and informal feedback, realizing the profound impact of everyday conversations on overall performance. Informal feedback, conducted through daily, casual conversations, holds the power to shape employee

In the vast landscape of corporate endeavors, it's not uncommon to find ourselves a mile and a half downstream on a project, feeling lost and frustrated despite investing time and effort. Great leaders, especially those infused with hospitality, anticipate this scenario and strategically plan to navigate it effectively. The foundational step in this strategic planning

In the intricate world of large companies, strategic planning charts the course, but effective coaching steers the ship. According to Gallup research, a mere 25% of employees feel that their managers provide meaningful feedback, and only 21% believe their performance is managed in a motivating way. Bridging this gap requires leaders to not only set

A Harvard Business Review article by Scott Barry Kaufman entitled, “Why Inspiration Matters” reveals why inspiration is so, inspiring. Kaufman’s article cites research by several scholars to further support his hypothesis that inspiration matters.  In my own research, I took an interest in the work Kaufman cited from psychologists, Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliott,

The Importance of Feedback Feedback is important because it not only drives performance in a positive direction, but it also positively impacts the attitude and mindsets of all employees. When employee mindset and attitude are on the up and up, business results like profits, satisfaction scores, and employee experience will follow suit, in a positive, upbeat

We often get downstream about a mile and a half on a project, an initiative, a meeting, or a task, and then we feel lost.   You’ve put in the time, effort, and thought, yet have become frustrated with the lack of results or progress. Often our teams do the same. Too frequently it’s not until the