We often get downstream about a mile and a half on a project, an initiative, a meeting, or a task, and then we feel lost.   You’ve put in the time, effort, and thought, yet have become frustrated with the lack of results or progress. Often our teams do the same. Too frequently it’s not until the

According to research gathered by Zippia: -65% of employees desire more feedback. -69% of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were being recognized through feedback. -98% of employees disengage from their work when they receive little or no feedback. When leaders pause their own work, breaking from their calls, emails, analysis, preparation, and meetings

Practicing grace, especially when people don’t expect it or, when they may not deserve it, absolutely will make them feel important. It’s extraordinary and special. The word “special” by definition, sparks good feelings and sentiments. These include positive words such as remarkable, exceptional, significant, and not the least of which, important.  When we’re graceful with our

Champions are special.  They’re usually ―the best, the ―winners, and deserving of the title.  They’re talented, and skillful, and have earned everyone‘s respect.  They didn’t get there alone. Often, champions had a coach, a mentor, a leader, supporters, and advocates, and they had champions encouraging them along the way.   Look up the word champion; (champ · pi · on)

The final piece to our three-part puzzle of leading with hospitality is possessing the ability to make people feel important.  The first two vital pieces to leading with hospitality are making people feel welcome and comfortable. These two components relate to your ability to maximize productivity, enhance your team’s culture, and ultimately drive desired business results.  Without