According to David Novak’s research and article in Harvard Business Review in May of 2016: Only 82 percent of employed Americans don’t feel their supervisors recognize them enough for their contributions.  Sadly, this metric (and feeling) hasn’t improved very much at all in corporate America since then.  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t change the game with

Four ways to engage your team and make sure they feel significant:   Be present Be interested Be open Be honest Have a great day. PS – Pre-order my next book, Lead with Hospitality here. Release date is April 27th, 2021. I’ve compiled twenty years’ worth of leadership lessons, stories, and applications for how to lead with hospitality and why it makes a difference that matters for

Significance. The irony is that we often overlook the importance of a word that literally means – the quality of being important.  For leaders, there’s power in a word like significance.  It’s borderline magical.  Once people on our teams feel significant, they become a new person, capable of doing more.   They regain the confidence they once had but have temporarily lost. Whey they