Find Your Purpose and You’ll Experience Fulfillment in Your Life

When people fully understand the purpose for an organization’s existence and they buy in, they rally together to make it happen. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. This truth is often forgotten and swept under the rug. 

Too often, it leads to teams dragging themselves to and from work rather than showing up to work with positive attitudes, feeling a sense of purpose about what they’re there to do. Then leaders look around and wonder why. Usually the problem can be solved by making sure everyone is aware of the organization’s overarching purpose and each person’s role in carrying it out.  

If you want significant contributions from your team, consider the extent to which your team understands the purpose of the organization and their purpose in it. Remind them of it, and make sure they understand. Create even more purpose by linking each person’s individual role to your organization’s overarching purpose. 

Let them know that’s why you chose them. Remind them you trust them as a valued member of the team. It will directly impact their output and the quality of their contributions. 

You’ll have inspired and motivated an otherwise uninspired, unmotivated person to deliver their best work. Over time, this will result in your ability to deliver results to your senior executives, owners, or the Board of Directors. 

Discover your own purpose.  Help others find their purpose.  Help everyone on your team understand how their purpose connects to and supports your organization’s overarching purpose.  

If you’re having difficulty discovering your own purpose, here’s a simple exercise to find it: 

  • Ask yourself what breaks your heart
  • Ask yourself what you love to do and what you do better than most
  • Ask yourself who you want to help
  • Fill in the following purpose statement

o My purpose is to give ___________ to help __________ accomplish 


Live your purpose, and everyone else will follow suit. Share your vision for the team, and everyone will follow you, as their leader.

Have a great day.

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