Prositions will host, best-selling author and consultant, Taylor Scott at the 2021 International Conference & Exposition for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) in Salt Lake City, UT in August Discover how the best leaders transform jobs into meaningful work by leading with hospitality! "Before anyone becomes motivated to DO anything, they must first FEEL something."Taylor ScottAuthor

A Harvard Business Review article by Scott Barry Kaufman entitled, “Why Inspiration Matters” reveals why inspiration is so inspiring. Kaufman’s article cites research by several scholars to further support his hypothesis that inspiration matters.  In my own research, I took an interest in the work Kaufman cited from psychologists, Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliott,

As leaders it's important for us to be motivators and inspire people. Perhaps, even more important, is the environment we're able to create. In this video I share the three universal psychological needs for people to become self-determined and motivated, also known as the Self-determination Theory. Take the next step on your leadership journey with