Are you trying to be a great leader but you’re feeling overwhelmed?

If it seems daunting to put all lead with hospitality virtues into action at once; choose only one at a time.  

As you master each one, you’ll transform jobs into meaningful work for those you lead with:

  • Acceptance when a person feels they don’t measure up to expectations 
  • Service when they need some help 
  • Empathy when no other leader has taken time to understand their situation 
  • Genuine kindness despite a cloud of negativity and frustration that swirls in the air 
  • Making them feel significant by recognizing their brilliance, genius, and uniqueness 
  • Encouraging them during the rough patches, valleys, and down seasons 
  • Grace and gracefulness which calms, nurtures, and kick starts a rebound after a mistake 
  • Strategic planning with intentional and purposeful coaching conversations 
  • Inspiration through stories, experiences, and emotional connections 

If you could choose to activate just one lead with hospitality idea today or tomorrow, I suggest you start by simply caring about the well-being of others. 

When you genuinely care about people around you and show them you do, even the most menial tasks transform into meaningful work. 

That bodes well for leading your team to success and delivering outstanding results.

“To handle yourself, use your head.  To handle others, use your heart.”  

~ Eleanor Roosevelt 

Have a great day.

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