Gifts from a Coach

For leaders, bosses, teachers, professors, doctors, lawyers, or actual coaches of teams, never underestimate the opportunity you have, to teach and coach. No matter what your rank, role, or title, you never know how impactful and meaningful your words may be to the people on your teams and in your life. 

If you’re a leader or a leader among your peers on the brink of breaking through to management or even the executive ranks (and something tells me you’re closer than you think), you can bet they‘re watching. 

They’re watching you, listening to you, and following you. You’re leading in more ways than you think. You’re capable. You’re passionate. You’re compassionate. You love them, so coach them. 

Lean into it. Step up, and lean into the opportunity to teach, coach, encourage, advocate, support, and deliver your message. You have the understanding, the talent, the vision, the work ethic, and the attitude of an advocate. You’ve earned the right to be a coach. So, go ahead and coach. 

The reality is, we’re all able to get up and do the ―fill-in-the-blank thing‖ – whether it’s work, play, or otherwise – because someone first gave us something. Someone first gave you a lesson, an education, a pearl of wisdom, an idea, or an opportunity, and then you were able to ―do.

Go be that someone for someone else. They’re waiting for your gifts.

Corporate America takes and takes and takes. Bosses, Managers, and corporations take all the time, work, energy, value, ingenuity, and mental capacity they possibly can from us. 

  • Coaches, true leaders, on the other hand, give. They give gifts. They teach lessons and build people up rather than breaking them down. 
  • Coaches listen, they love, and they foster relationships with and among their teams. 
  • Coaches make an indelible mark on the very lives and people they touch with their grace, mercy, compassion, and love.  

Go. Change Lives Forever, Including Your Own 

Whether you’re a leader in sports, corporate America, or in your community, never underestimate the gifts from a coach. Never underestimate the gifts you’ve been given, or the ones you’ll gift to your friends, family, team, and organization. 

If delivered appropriately, the gifts of your coaching will last forever.

They’ll be passed on to person after person, team after team, and generation after generation.  

I hope you give your gifts to everyone and anyone willing to receive them. 

You’ll change lives for the better. 

Have a great day.

PS – Great coaches are as graceful as they are wise, and as driven as they are diligent. The environments they create inspire and motivate people to grow and develop in ways they never knew they needed to grow.

We respond to great coaches because they help us get comfortable getting uncomfortable. They certainly say the right things, at the right times, for the right purpose; but it’s also how they say it which inspires us to dig deep within ourselves to give our best instead of shutting down.

I offer a live learning experience that’s available virtually or in person that will equip your leaders to to coach with grace while creating a culture of grit, determination, and intentionality among your team. Learn more about “Coaching with Grace, Grit, and Intention” here.