Great Leaders are Gardeners It’s about that time again. Spring has sprung, and Summer is right around the corner.  When we think of Spring, we think of gardens, flower beds, and just how beautiful we can make our homes, offices, and schools; even hotels and resorts double down on their horticulture prowess this time of year.  Think about what gardening entails.  Vision First,

No doubt, the demands are many and the pressures can be daunting for those in leadership positions.  More often than not, leaders are in their roles because they had success earlier in their careers.  They excelled, performed, and delivered as the absolute best doers of jobs, tasks, and projects. Executives, recruiters, and/or hiring leaders noticed, and invited

Different Matters The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas means different things to different people.  For some it means a great party.  For others it means an amazing steak but not before a remarkable craft cocktail experience. For many it means an electric vibe on the casino floor.  To some guests it means an unrivaled, one-of-a-kind wrap around terrace

Today is World Kindness Day 2018!  In honor of the day and the topic, here's a short excerpt from my forthcoming book on the topic of genuine kindness and the impact it makes in our leadership. In writing my forthcoming book, Lead With Hospitality, I set out one morning to write a chapter on the topic of "courtesy".