This holiday season, BELIEVE. Believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in a higher power, and believe in the true meaning of the season.  Whatever your holiday, and whatever your current stage in life, BELIEVE. Be thankful for what you have instead of dwelling on what you don’t have. Embrace diversity and respect differences in opinions and perspectives; it makes

A thirty-two-year-old middle manager working for a rental car company had a tough gig.  She was in a corporate, regional role supporting multiple locations’ Operations Managers and frontline associates.  Her role was to teach, coach, consult, inspire, and motivate front line associates and leaders to maximize sales with every transaction.  One day the District Manager leveraged his talented Sales Performance Manager to

The night Andrew Luck shocked the world, announcing his retirement from the NFL at the age of 29, sports broadcaster, Doug Gotleib, tweeted, “Retiring cause rehabbing is “too hard” is the most Millennial thing ever. #AndrewLuck” Since the tweet, many have tweeted back, ripping Doug Gottlieb for the grossly inappropriate, distasteful comments.  The conversation continues in the sports talk radio space