Grace is defined by as simple elegance or refinement of movement.   Practicing grace, especially when people don’t expect it or, when they may not deserve it, absolutely will make them feel important. It’s extraordinary and special.  The word “special” by definition, sparks good feelings and sentiments. These include positive words such as remarkable, exceptional, significant, and

Why should leaders be intentional about making sure their teams feel important? Their teams will become more confident, leaning into their special talents and uniqueness.Their teams will become more productive, accomplishing more, in less time, with fewer resources.Their teams will become inspired to push even harder and go even further. Here’s how the best leaders make sure

“Life is not a competition.   Life is about helping and inspiring others so we can each reach our potential.”  — Kim Chase, Actress What can we remind people of to encourage them? Their strengthsTheir accomplishmentsTheir passions We can remind people of their strengths, accomplishments, and their passions.   Remind People of Their Strengths Some people know and understand their natural strengths, but

This is a blogpost I wrote and published on my very first blog / passion project –  I started that blog in January of 2011.  This is a throwback, retro blog post that was inspired by one of the many stories we often hear or read about Olympic athletes.  It was a Sunday morning

Walter Burke Barbe first designed the VAK model for learning and it was later developed by Neil Fleming.  It’s the idea that people process information in one of three ways:   Visually, Auditorily, or Kinesthetically.   What does this have to do with recognition? When we know how our people prefer to process information, it allows us to recognize them