Here’s Why People Value Grace and Gracefulness in Their Leader

Grace is defined by as simple elegance or refinement of movement.  

Practicing grace, especially when people don’t expect it or, when they may not deserve it, absolutely will make them feel important. It’s extraordinary and special. 

The word “special” by definition, sparks good feelings and sentiments. These include positive words such as remarkable, exceptional, significant, and not the least of which, important

Why are things like grace and gracefulness important in leadership?

When we’re graceful with our actions, our words, our gestures, and our demeanor, the entire team feels lifted up. 

Moreover, in the absence of grace and a graceful demeanor, people feel their hard work and all their efforts are cheapened. They’ll begin looking for greener, more graceful pastures.

Google the word, “grace,” and you’ll discover several synonyms and descriptors which define the word and offer ingredients for leading with hospitality. 

You’ll see words such as: simple elegance, poise, finesse, agility, and nimbleness

The word, “grace,” as a verb has synonyms such as:  

dignify, distinguish, honor, elevate, upgrade, and enhance.

Think about it. These words, sentiments, and most of all, feelings, are a collection of descriptors many of us would use to describe our ideal boss, leader, or mentor. Wouldn’t you rather follow someone with elegance, poise, finesse, and nimbleness over a person who’s tactless, unforgiving, inept, crude, or downright rude?  

Wouldn’t you feel more compelled to go all in and crush it for a leader who day in and day out honors you, enhances your life, and elevates you, literally upgrading your career potential with every conversation and interaction?  

Of course, you would.  And so would the people on your team.  We can activate grace in three ways:

  • Extend grace to others
  • Ask for and receive grace from others
  • Be graceful with your words and actions toward others

“Why do we value leadership, connection, and grace?  Because it’s scarce, and that scarcity creates value.”
— Seth Godin, entrepreneur, and thought leader

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