Three Things People on Your Team Want to be Reminded Of

“Life is not a competition.  

Life is about helping and inspiring others so we can each reach our potential.” 
— Kim Chase, Actress

What can we remind people of to encourage them?

  • Their strengths
  • Their accomplishments
  • Their passions

We can remind people of their strengths, accomplishments, and their passions.  

Remind People of Their Strengths

Some people know and understand their natural strengths, but others simply are not aware of what makes them special.  It can be incredibly encouraging when other people – especially our leader – remind us of our special talents.  Your team will be encouraged when you remind them of their strengths and why you value them.  

Remind People of Their Accomplishments

Most people have overcome adversity in some way or another in their past.  Great leaders have a knack for reminding them what they’ve overcome to get where they are today.  

Remind People of Their Passions

We can never underestimate the power of passion.  Passion propels people into another gear, helps them climb out of valleys, while also enjoying the peaks in their lives and careers.  A great way to encourage people is to remind them how their passion has always and will always be the thing that sets them apart and helps them deliver their best.