Are You a Great ‘Doer or a Leader?

While in an onboarding new hire training at Disney University when I jumped into my first full-time leadership role at Disney Parks and Resorts at the start of my career, a senior leader came in as a guest speaker.  

He told us, “Congratulations.  Up until now, you’ve been great ‘doers.  Now, you’re leaders.  So, your success is no longer about what you can do, but instead, it’s all about how well you can take a group of people and transform them into a high-performing team of people.  And then lead them to do something special, together.

That’s why consistent connection and collaboration are so important for anyone striving to become the best leader they can be.  

It’s been said, “If you aren’t meeting regularly with your team, you don’t have a team.  What you really have is a collection of boxes on an org chart.”  So true.

Here are four reasons to connect with your team regularly in a team meeting either once per week or at least every two weeks:

  1. Connects each individual to one another.
  2. Clear expectations can be shared with everyone at the same time, so everyone hears the same message.
  3. Creates alignment across various moving parts and people such that everyone understands who is doing what and by when.
  4. Over time this transforms groups of people into high-performing teams of people.

Connect each individual to one another

Regular team meetings, whether virtually online, over the phone, or in person allow you, as the leader, to connect people to people and people to new ideas.  The best way to do that is to simply allow time for them to share ideas, thoughts, feedback, and recommendations with one another.  

Build in time in every team meeting for your people to simply connect with one another.  Invite them to tell stories, engage in dialogue, healthy debate, and certainly offer feedback and suggestions.  

Clear expectations – everyone hears the same message at the same time

In the absence of clear expectations people of course lack clarity and direction.  One of our most critical roles as leaders is to not only steer the ship, but also chart the course.  Charting the course includes setting crystal clear expectations for where the team is going, what needs to be accomplished, and how you expect them to work toward that desired destination together.  

When everyone hears the same message at the same time, you’ll have fewer questions and misunderstandings down the line.  You also set the collective team up for success, as they become far more efficient, focusing their time and energy where you’ve asked them to.

Create alignment

The beauty of having a team or simply being a part of a team is that no one person has to do it all, all the time.  Instead, leaders are able to organize and orchestrate tasks, assignments, and projects strategically, dividing up and balancing out the work.  

As my dad’s basketball coach used to say, “Keep your passers passing and your shooters shooting.”  This is true for you, as the leader of your team.  Once you understand who is great at what, you can begin matching up people’s talents and strengths with specific components, projects, and work to be accomplished.  

Your team meetings then become the place and time when you reiterate consistently who is doing what and by when.  This creates alignment, or a fundamental understanding among everyone on the team.

Transform groups of people into high-performing teams of people

All of the above, along with the engagement you’ll provide in one on ones and in those teachable moments out in the areas in the days between your team meetings, transform your “group” into your “team”.  

There is no silver bullet or magical potion.  Instead, it’s about consistency, clarity in the message, and most importantly connection.  If you’re a leader who can connect people to people and mobilize them to work together in harmony to deliver a common goal, then you’re well on your way to becoming a very successful leader.

Don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to inspire connection each week with your team meetings.

Lead with hospitality…

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