Four Compelling Reasons to GiVE Kindness

Consider what kindness really means to you.

Kindness means being friendly, generous, and considerate of other people.  

Generosity is just another way of saying GiVING to other people.   

Kindness is simply giving other people our time, a little bit of our talent, or “that thing” we do better than others, or our heart.  Kindness comes from a place of care.  When we’re kind to people, it shows them how much we care about them.

Why is GiVING Kindness important?

When we treat people with kindness, simply being nice to each other, everyone wins.  

  1.   Relationships:  When we’re nice to one another, we build strong friendships and relationships.  With stronger relationships, all of us experience more joy and happiness.  Who doesn’t want to be happy?!  
  1.   Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit:  When we’re happier, we experience less stress, frustration, and disappointment, and that keeps our brains healthy and our bodies healthy.  It also keeps our positive spirit within us alive, and that allows us to spread that positivity to our friends and family.  
  1.   Brain Power:  Since we’re healthier and much more positive when we experience genuine kindness, our brains function at a higher level.  That means we actually do better on our schoolwork when we experience genuine kindness.  
  1.   Kindness is Contagious:  Finally, kindness is proven to be contagious, which means that it spreads!  When we GiVE Kindness to others, they become inspired to GiVE Kindness to people in their lives.  

And it all starts with us!

We can be the ones who start everyone off on a positive, happy note for their day by being kind.

To truly “GiVE” anything is to put other people first, ahead of ourselves.  GiVING is all about the other person or other people we are helping, encouraging, or serving with our words or actions.  

The “i” is lowercase to simply remind us to take the focus off of ourselves and instead, pour ourselves into others.  

Throughout the rest of this month, we’ll talk about four ways we can GiVE kindness to others.  

We’ll send you simple notes to consider the power of gratitude, how we can always look for ways to improve, the importance of values in helping us GiVE kindness consistently, and finally, we’ll talk about how to make a positive impact by encouraging others.

Your GiVE Culture Challenge for this week:

Share a story about a friend, family member, or coworker who genuinely and consistently GiVES kindness to others in the Lead with Hospitality Facebook group here.

We’d love to hear your stories of how your friends, coworkers, students, or family members have shown you compassion; or how you’ve taken it up on yourself to show kindness to others.

Have a great day, and never stop GiVING the best of yourself and looking for the best in others.