How Can Managers Get Team Members Excited to Return to the Office?

“82% of [business decision makers] say getting back to the office in person is a concern” yet “73% of [employees] say they need a better reason than just company expectations” to return to the office, according to the data from Microsoft Work trend Index research. 

So what can managers do to help get fellow employees on board with the move back to the office? 

Make it about PEOPLE

Who gets worried?  Who has anxiety?  Who gets frustrated?  Who gets upset?

Every single one of us.

Thought for this week

Most of the time when we’re worried, anxious, frustrated, or upset with someone or something, we’re making it about ourselves.  

Oftentimes it serves us well to stop, take a deep breath, and make it about them.  

When we focus on “them” we add value, make people happy, make magic, and we begin to live much more fulfilling lives in the process.

Every industry, every profession, every occupation, and just about every scenario, when we peel the layers back, at the core of everything – it’s about people.  

Great leaders understand nothing really gets accomplished, in any business, profession, or situation without people.  The best leaders make it about “them”.

Focusing on people leads to stronger relationships, deeper connections, and more enriching experiences for everyone involved.  It’s when we get caught up in our own “stuff”, focusing on our own goals, our own reputation, and our own resume that we slip into that mental trap.  

You know the one; the one that every single time leaves us worried, anxious, frustrated, and/or upset. 

What happens when teachers and professors focus on inspiring their students rather than dazzling them with their own content or message?  

What happens when salespeople focus on their clients’ needs rather than their own bonus potential?  

What happens when leaders focus on developing the talents of each individual on their teams?  

What happens when front-line guest service teams focus on making it right for their guests and clients?  

What happens when volunteers focus on the people they’re truly impacting rather than the time they sacrifice to do so?

 Pure, old-fashioned magic happens every time.

When you’re worried, anxious, frustrated, or upset about something or someone – whatever the situation, whatever your profession – remember that it’s not about you, it’s about “them”.  

According to the same report, “85% of employees would be motivated to go into the office to rebuild team bonds” and “74% of employees would go to the office more frequently if they knew their ‘work friends’ were there”. 

It’s about people.  Focus on them.  

  • Who can you teach?  
  • Who can you coach?  
  • Who can you make smile?  
  • Who can you make happy?  
  • To whom can you reach out and lend a helping hand?

“You can dream, create, build, and design the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” –  Walt Disney

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