How the Best Leaders Intentionally Inspire Others Every Chance They Get

We can all agree that inspiration certainly moves people on the inside, so they give their very best on the outside.  So, the question is, what can we, as leaders, do to create this sense of joy and inspiration within our organizations and among the people, we lead every chance we get?

Here are some ways you can make inspiration a part of your everyday repertoire on your journey as a leader:

Actively seek inspiration.  The quickest way to inspire others is to always have your eyes, ears, and heart open to be inspired yourself.  Leadership, among many other things, is the ambition to never stop learning.  It’s been said that when we stop learning, we stop leading.  

-Grow yourself, so you can grow your team

Share inspiration.  If you’ve ever had a leader send you a text message or an email with a link to an article or an inspiring story, you know how great this makes you feel.  It’s always inspiring to work with or for people who care enough about you to share what inspires them with you.  You can do the same for those you lead.

– As you are inspired, share stories about what inspired you

Be an inspiration.  Our actions speak louder than words.  The number one spectator sport in leadership is “boss watching”!  They’re watching what we do, and what we don’t do.  They’re listening to what we say, and what we don’t say.  They’re even listening to how we say it.  Your leadership brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.  

– Let your own leadership brand be an inspiration.  It’s the story of who you are.  

Make it a good one.

Create inspiration.  Life is nothing more than a series of experiences.  Your team and those you’ve set out to lead and inspire are experiencing you and the environment you create every single day.  Great leaders make it a point to create inspiring and memorable experiences for people in and outside of work.  You can too.  

– Deliver memorable experiences

Meaningful work.  The difference between a good day and a bad day, and the difference between dragging one’s self to a job and passionately leaning into doing meaningful work is leadership.  When you lead with hospitality, even the seemingly menial jobs are transformed into meaningful work.

  • Transform jobs into meaningful work

“Be someone’s strength.  Be someone’s inspiration.  Be someone’s reason to never give up.” ~Unknown

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