Love Changes the Game

Game-changers are people who literally “change the game”.  

They do things, big and small, which make visible, tangible, and positive change in the lives of everyone around them.

Rather than one magical thing, they do hundreds of little things – here are some examples:

  • Game-changers are patient – they understand “waiting time isn’t always wasted time.”  
  • Game-changers are kind – they understand that being friendly, considerate of others’ feelings, and generous with their own time and talent is a pathway to creating positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others.
  • Game-changers are thankful – they focus on what they do have as opposed to what they don’t have.  They’re grateful.  Gratefulness literally means “full of heart”.  Their hearts are so full, they rarely get jealous of other people; because they’re so thankful for the blessings in their own life.
  • Game-changers are humble – they admit their mistakes and take personal accountability for their actions.  They give credit where it’s due and take responsibility for striving for self-mastery, becoming better today than they were yesterday.
  • Game-changers are respectful – they respect authority, their elders, the process, and the very “game” they’ve set out to impact.
  • Game-changers are selfless – they understand the power of taking the focus off of themselves and focusing on other people.  Whether it’s taking the time to listen, lend a helping hand, or simply show some genuine encouragement, their focus is on other people, not on themselves.
  • Game-changers remain calm – they keep their emotions in check even in the most stressful, tense, and difficult situations.  They understand that although times get tough, they’re tougher.  
  • Game-changers do the right thing – they understand that it’s always the right time to do the right thing, even when nobody’s watching.  
  • Game-changers tell the truth – they’re honest with themselves and with other people.  This gains them respect and credibility among their peers, family, and groups to which they belong.  And that makes them trustworthy.
  • Game-changers protect people – they create safe environments for anyone who interacts with them.  
  • Game-changers are optimistic – they focus on the positive, the good things in life, as opposed to the negative.  They remind themselves and others of what’s possible, suppressing doubt, worry, and fear with their optimism.
  • Game-changers are persistent – they know that persistence wears resistance.  They realize Rome wasn’t built in a day, and their own goals, dreams, and aspirations won’t happen overnight.  
  • Game-changers serve everyone, even those who may not like them – they give the best of themselves to everyone regardless of how much they receive in return.  They know that’s precisely the type of thing which makes them a game-changer.  
  • Game-changers get out of their comfort zones – they understand that getting comfortable getting uncomfortable is how they and everyone else grows, improves, and becomes better.
  • Game-changers take action – they walk their talk, backing up their words with consistent, focused, and intentional actions which positively impact those around them, everywhere they go.

Game-Changers have one thing in common.  They lead with love.

Love is certainly a feeling of deep affection for others; whether it’s romantic, with our closest friends or relatives, or even our coworkers, teams, and colleagues in our careers.  

Science tells us we all have a need to feel loved, but we also have a need to GiVE love.  

Love truly changes the game because of game-changers just like you and me.   Beyond the need for it, we’re all capable of it, we just have to choose love.  

There are no magical short cuts to GiVING Love.  Instead, it’s the hundreds of little things we can all do which make the biggest impact on others, at work, at home, and in our communities.

This Valentine’s Day, GiVE Love, early and often.  You’ll completely change the game for yourself and others.  

Shout out to my wife, Jenna, whose unconditional love has and continues to inspire me, her friends, her family, and her work family to go all in on GiVING love to others every chance we get.

Have a great day.

PS:  If you’re wondering why the “i” is lowercase, here you go:

  • To truly “GiVE” anything is to put other people first, ahead of ourselves.
  • GiVING is all about the other person or other people we are helping, encouraging, or serving with our words or actions.
  • The “i” is lowercase to simply remind us to take the focus off of ourselves and instead, pour ourselves into others.

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