Think You “Should be” Further Along? Read This.

How often do you leave your office, hop in your car, turn on the radio, get five miles down the road, and have no idea what songs, commercials, or talk radio segments just played in the very car in which you’re the only passenger? Maybe I’m the only one, but does your mind race with to-do’s, concerns, and fears weighing down every thought?

I’m sure you work or live with people who talk and talk and rarely pause to listen. It’s a total thing and a bit of an epidemic plaguing corporate America. Grand Canyon-size wedges are driven smack dab in the middle of relationships. It also prevents talented up-and-comers from “becoming” all they could, should, and would be, if only they’d listen. 

Unfortunately, it also keeps many from experiencing the levels of fulfillment and happiness they long for both at work and at home.

On the other hand, consider an environment filled with respect, learning, understanding, and love. How does that sound? Maybe a little better? That’s the type of environment you can cultivate within your teams, companies, families, and relationships when and if you listen.

Don’t fall into the “know it all” trap. 

Of course, you’re smart. Be smart enough to realize someone else might know something, too. 

My wife is six years younger than me. Back when we were dating, we had a few “fights.” Nothing major, just typical squabbles. 

One of my best friends gave me some great advice, as I was in mid-argument with the woman who is now my wife. He said, “Be open to listening to her. You might learn something.”

He was right then, and he continues to be right even today. I thought since I was “the older one” I automatically knew best. Dumb. Wrong. Not even close. I’m so glad I learned that lesson early in our relationship journey. If I didn’t learn to listen and become open to new ideas and perspectives, we probably wouldn’t have progressed in our relationship or ever even married. 

That’s a scary thought.

Here are four compelling reasons to LISTEN:

1-Listening is respectful

2-Listening is learning

3-Listening leads to understanding

4-Listening is loving

If you find yourself stuck in the hamster wheel, with more upsetting days than fulfilling ones, there’s a better way. Better days are around the corner.

Be the one who listens because you will:

-Become known as the respectful one

-Learn all kinds of new stuff

-Begin to understand things you never understood before

-Receive an abundance of love from people to your left and right, your team, and even your boss.

-Replace irritating days with fulfilling ones because you listen.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great day.