Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Four Paths to Heightened Self-Awareness

Effective leaders excel at forging connections, instilling inspiration, offering support, and igniting motivation within their teams. The common thread that binds these exceptional leaders together is their mastery of self-awareness.

They possess the invaluable trait of self-awareness.

If you recall the leaders, managers, and colleagues you’ve encountered in the past, you may recollect instances where they believed they were self-aware, only to discover they fell short in reality.

The Perils of Ignoring Self-Awareness

Failure to recognize your emotional triggers – the events that induce stress, tension, sadness, or frustration – places you at risk of succumbing to negativity, leading to detrimental reactions.

Unless you understand your inherent strengths and limitations, you might find yourself trapped in jobs or careers that fail to provide satisfaction, pride, or purpose.

Without awareness of your own capabilities, you may struggle to grasp your self-worth. This limitation can hinder personal and professional growth, dampening self-confidence and overall fulfillment.

The good news is that you can continually delve into self-discovery, gaining insights into your emotions, natural strengths, and capabilities. More importantly, by enhancing self-awareness, you unlock more profound avenues to connect with, inspire, encourage, and motivate your team.

Four Strategies to Elevate Your Leadership Through Self-Awareness

1 – Reflect and Maintain a Journal: Dedicate daily time to pause and reflect, setting aside ten minutes for self-assessment. Explore your emotions and identify the triggers behind your thoughts and feelings. Armed with this awareness, you can shift from reactive responses to thoughtful reactions.

2 – Personality and Strengths Assessments: Invest in personality and strengths assessments like DiSC, Myers-Briggs, True Colors, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, or Clifton Strengths. These tools unveil your inherent tendencies and personality traits, illuminating what makes you unique. Discovering your natural strengths bolsters your self-confidence and self-worth.

3 – Seek Feedback from Loved Ones: Seek candid, direct feedback from close friends and family who genuinely care about your growth. Be selective, choosing those who aren’t afraid to deliver both praise and criticism. While uncomfortable at times, remember that all feedback is a valuable gift, a catalyst for improvement and growth toward your best self.

4 – Anonymous Feedback from Direct Reports: Soliciting feedback from your direct reports requires courage and a careful approach. To ensure honesty, maintain anonymity. Your team members often perceive aspects of your behavior, emotions, and tendencies that elude your awareness. Acknowledging how your actions affect those around you, both positively and negatively, empowers you to capitalize on your strengths and intentionally address areas needing improvement.

While a deficiency in self-awareness can take a toll, cultivating self-awareness will propel you forward in both life and your career. Embrace vulnerability to explore your emotions, strengths, and capabilities, and summon the courage to leverage these insights as a stepping stone toward becoming the best leader you can be.

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