What Stories do You Have to Tell?  All of Them!  Here Are Some Suggestions

What stories do you have to tell?  Specifically, what stories do you believe you have to share with those you lead, your peers, your customers, or even your own leaders, to inspire them?

Remember, great storytelling is to be as human as possible so that you can relate to and connect with others as much as possible.  Something special happens when we learn that others either have experienced or are currently experiencing some of the same thoughts, feelings, emotions, and circumstances as we’re dealing with ourselves.

Leadership is about connecting with and inspiring the hearts and minds of others.  Few things connect and inspire quite like good, old-fashioned stories.

Here are some example stories we all have which could be leveraged to inspire others:

Who am I story.

Who I’ve helped story.

Why I do what I do story.

The greatest leader I’ve ever had story.

The best lesson I’ve ever learned story.

My favorite job story.

My favorite teammate story.

My favorite sports team story.

My favorite family memory story.

How I’ve learned from my mistakes story.

Who I want to be story.

Share your stories, one at a time, with those you lead and the people with whom you work as well as the people you spend the most time with day-to-day.  Once you share a story or two with them, they’ll be compelled to share a story or two with you.

Somewhere in the midst of all that humanness and sharing, connection and inspiration will not only begin to show up, they’ll start to take you and your team further, quicker.

Have a great day.


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