Your Team, 'Quiet Quit', Now What?

Your Team ‘Quiet Quit’, Now What?

Have you noticed your team members that always go the extra mile suddenly are clocked out right on time? Perhaps productivity suddenly took a dive?

If you haven’t heard of this new phrase, you can find a full definition here. Essentially, ‘Quiet Quit’ is when an employee only does the work listed on their job description, doesn’t work overtime unless paid overtime pay, and only does work they feel matches their current pay rate. 

Similar to when the Great Resignation occurred, although this shift is happening because of external circumstances, your team members have most likely been feeling disconnected from their role for a while. 

So now what do you do now that your rockstar team members have quietly quit on you?

Make time to be intentional and purposeful about making sure your teams feel welcome, comfortable, and important. 

When people feel welcome:

  • They relax and begin to feel safe, which allows them to be themselves.  
  • They begin to have an open mind, which sparks their creativity for new, fresh ideas.
  • They have less anxiety and fear, fewer doubts, and more energy, passion, and commitment.

When people feel comfortable:

  • They open up and engage in more conversation.
  • They become more curious with more exploration, research, and discovery.
  • They foster deeper relationships with each other and feel like they belong.

When people feel important:

  • They become more confident, leaning into their special talents and uniqueness.
  • They become more productive, accomplishing more, in less time, with fewer resources.
  • They become inspired to push even harder and go even further.

Lead with Hospitality Action Step:

Carve out time to connect:

  • Weekly one on one’s with each member of your team
  • Weekly, or at least bi-weekly team meetings
  • Consistent touch points, through written communication

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