Be the Light in Someone’s Day

In nearly every job or life situation, there’s that one person who has a unique way of brightening the day. Can you think of them?

Perhaps you have one or two individuals in mind right now. These are the people who can turn a rainy day into a sunny one, make a tedious project enjoyable, and even transform a mundane email into something hilarious. They are the best part of your day.

Think about that coach, teacher, leader, parent, friend, coworker, or family member who instantly comes to mind. You know, that person in your life who is:

– Always encouraging, your biggest cheerleader no matter what.

– Accepting of your quirks, seeing them as unique and special.

– Rooting for you even when others are doubtful.

– Forgiving every time you make mistakes and fall short.

– Friends with everyone because they genuinely want to be.

– Inspiring with their unconditional love and compassion for anyone around them.

What would life be without them?

Without them, you’d feel less encouraged, less forgiven, less inspired, and you might have one or two fewer true friends, confidants, or advocates. Whoever they are, whether at home or at work, we cherish that person in our lives. Our day lights up when we see them in the office. Sometimes just a quick glimpse, email, instant message, or text from them calms our nerves, puts us at ease, and brings a smile to our face.

They are truly a blessing, and work would be less enjoyable without them.

As amazing as they are, who says we can’t also be that person for others?

It’s time. We can do it. I can do it. You can do it.

With compassion and compromise as our guiding principles, we can become that person for someone else.

Of course, when others look up to you, listen to your words, and follow your guidance, the responsibility can feel daunting. But that’s what leadership is all about. It’s about accepting the challenge to influence and inspire others.

You can do it. It all starts with compassion and adopting the mindset of an advocate.Ready to transform your team’s engagement and create a culture of belonging? Our Learning Experience, “Purposeful Engagement for Leaders” will teach your leaders the secrets to instilling purpose, kindness, and meaningful recognition in your leadership style. Lead with purpose – click here to learn more.