GiVING Compassion with Intention and Positive Impact



V ________

E ________

If we think about what the word impact really means, it’s simply the effect part of the cause and effect equation.  

To make an impact is to have a strong effect on someone or something.

Let’s focus on the people part; the impact people can have on other people.  That includes all of you, and it includes me. 

Consider this:  

  • Who has made a positive impact on you as you’ve been growing, learning, and developing into who you are today? 
  • What is it about them that impacts you in a positive way?  
  • How do they make you feel?

Though we sometimes quickly forget, when we stop and reflect, we can see just how great it is when people purposefully make a positive impact on us.  

If we’re intentional about it, we remind ourselves just how awesome it is when people make us feel:

  • Great about ourselves
  • Lifted up
  • Confident
  • And even courageous at times when we may be scared, nervous, or frustrated.  

Making a positive impact is often a choice that comes down to being intentional about being positive.  Our thoughts, words, and especially our actions, at any given time, have consequences for us and for those in our lives.  

That means that everything we say and do will potentially influence others.

The question for us is, “Will our influence be positive or negative?

Science tells us that, as human beings, we’re wired to feel before we think; and it’s the feelings that have the effect on us.  That’s influence.  

When we have an effect on others or when they have an effect on us, the feeling is the effect.  It’s often those feelings which inspire us to think a certain way, do certain things, or take certain actions.

Your GiVE Culture Challenge for this week:

Answer the following questions and commit to making a positive impact for someone specifically in the next week to ten days:

  • Identify one person who’s made a positive impact on your life
  • Let them know just how much you appreciate the positive impact they’ve made on you by simply writing a thank you card to them and delivering it within the next week.

We’d love to hear your stories of how your friends, coworkers, students, or family members have shown you compassion; or how you’ve taken it up on yourself to show compassion to others.

Share your stories with us in the Lead with Hospitality Facebook group here.

Have a great day, and never stop GiVING the best of yourself and looking for the best in others.