GiVE Compassion with Genuineness


I __________

V _________

E _________

What does it mean to be genuine?

To be genuine means to be true to yourself – who you are, on the inside and out.  Genuine people are said to be “real”; as if to say, they’re not fake.  

Here’s why it’s important to be genuine and true to yourself:

The problem with “faking it until we make it”, is that when we make it, WE’LL BE A FAKE!

Think of someone in your life who truly goes out of their way to show you compassion.  This is someone who is compassionate – nice, respectful, and genuine.  Think about what makes them so compassionate, how they make you feel, and what their genuine compassion inspires you to go do.

More often than not, when people show us compassion, we love it!  We’re happier people, and we’re inspired to make other people happy as well.  When we receive compassion, it makes us want to GiVE compassion to others.

Putting compassion into action, with our genuineness.

We can always GiVE others a little bit of our time.  We can GiVE others a little bit of our talent, or those things we do really, really well; perhaps we could teach them, sharing our knowledge and helping them get better, and we can always GiVE our hearts.  GiVING our hearts to others is simply to show them we care about them and that we’re willing to help them with whatever they might need.

GiVE your time – take the focus off of ourselves and focus on others, to help them, encourage them if they’re down, or even tell them how much we appreciate them.

GiVE your talents – whatever it is we know we’re really good at doing like our natural strengths; simply sharing those talents with others is a way to show them genuine kindness, help them, or lift them up.

GiVE your heart – simply let those you appreciate and care about know just how much you love and care about them.

Your GiVE Culture Challenge for this week:

Consider your Personal Values, which are:

  • Fundamental beliefs that guide your behavior
  • Our values guide us in how we live our lives and treat others
  • Personal values motivate every decision we make and action we take

Write yourself a postcard, a text message, or an email, which you’ll have to remind you why each of those personal values is so important to you and how they will help you to be true to yourself in how you show compassion to others.  

We’d love to hear your stories of how your friends, coworkers, students, or family members have shown you compassion; or how you’ve taken it up on yourself to show compassion to others.  

Share your stories with us in the Lead with Hospitality Facebook group here.

Have a great day, and never stop GiVING the best of yourself and looking for the best in others.