Great Leaders are Gardeners

Great Leaders are Gardeners

It’s about that time again.

Spring has sprung, and Summer is right around the corner.  When we think of Spring, we think of gardens, flower beds, and just how beautiful we can make our homes, offices, and schools; even hotels and resorts double down on their horticulture prowess this time of year. 

Think about what gardening entails. 


First, we have a vision for our gardens.  We visualize what they’ll look like, and we often tell anyone who will listen just where our landscaping masterpiece is headed.


Next, we plant.  We plant the seeds of the most beautiful pieces of the garden: the flowers, shrubs, or trees which will eventually grow and develop into their full potential, adding tremendous value to everything and everyone who encounters them. 


As the flowers, shrubs, and trees grow, we prune.  They’re alive and well, certainly not dead.  Instead they’re full of life.  In order for them to truly become the best versions of the flowers, shrubs, and trees we know they can become, we prune them.  Pruning simply helps to shape, redirect, and sustain growth in the right areas, to maximize potential.


Finally, because of our focused care, purposeful planting, intentional pruning, shaping, redirecting, and sustaining, our gardens produce.  Depending on the seeds we plant and how well we pour into their growth and development, our gardens produce beautiful flowers, abundant fruits, and hearty vegetables.  Just like that our gardens add a little more life and a little more beauty to the world.

Your Garden and Your Leadership

What’s your vision – goals, objectives, and your ideal situation – for your team, your business, your family, or your community?

What seeds – ideas, inspirations, lessons, knowledge, and skills – are you planting today which will help people around you grow into their full potential?

How are you pruning – teaching, coaching, encouraging, and motivating – the growth of those around you, to reduce their worries, fears, and doubts; keeping them on a path toward their individual and team successes?

As a leader, what are you producing?

If you’re strategic about the seeds you plant, purposeful in the lessons you teach, encouraging in how you coach, and compassionate in how you lead, with empathy and care for those around you, RESULTS, RELATIONSHIPS, and A CARING COMMUNITY will be what you produce.

Whether you’re celebrating Easter, Passover, or simply the beauty of Spring:

  • Share your leadership vision
  • Plant ideas, inspiration, and knowledge into your teams
  • Teach, coach, encourage, and motivate every single day; to grow your business, grow your people
  • Produce results through relationships with a community of people filled with passion, purpose, and potential