How Can You Consistently Deliver for Your Team?

When we shift our mindset to think about leadership as a service to others, those we lead can feel it.  Once they feel our presence and service, they become inspired to be that same type of leader and person to the people who matter most in their lives as well.

Here are some ways you can consistently deliver for your team:

Deliver feedback

Deliver on your promise

Deliver information, tools, and support

Deliver a memorable experience

Here’s a simple exercise for you or for you to frame up for the leaders on your team:

Consider where else and for whom you need to deliver for your teams. 

List who needs informal feedback (at least two more people)

What is the feedback they need?

Craft your message

List who may need additional information, tools, and support

Identify the person or people

List the specific tools, information, or support you’ll provide

List by what date you will provide it or the frequency you’ll deliver

List who would benefit from a better understanding of the promises you have and continue to make to your team.

Who needs conversation or more connection?

What is their concern?

How can you make them feel more welcome in their environment?

Challenge yourself to proactively plan out how, whom, and when you’ll serve your teams in the next 30 to 60 days.  When we’re intentional with our thoughts, our words, and most importantly, our actions make a difference that matters for the people we lead and the communities we serve. I can support you in being intentional about being a leader that serves. Learn more here.