How to Prevent Quiet Quitting 

“Connection drives down turnover while mitigating “quiet quitting”,” according to Enboarder

“Employees who feel connected are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs (96%) versus employees who feel disconnected (60%). Only 13% of connected employees expect to leave their current role within 12 months, and this answer nearly doubles for disconnected employees (24%). In addition to improved job satisfaction and retention rates, connection contributes to stronger work outputs and motivation. Connected employees were twice as likely to agree their workplace motivates them to go above and beyond their job responsibilities,” (Enboarder). 

How do you build connections for your employees or team? 

Here are three ways leaders be intentional about building genuine human connections:

Carve out time to connect:

-One on One’s

-Team Meetings

-Through written communication 

Share stories of your own and invite those you lead to share their stories

Stories worth telling:

-Lessons you’ve learned the hard way

-Humbling mistakes which redirected your path

-Examples of how your commitment and hard work pushed you through adversity and into success

-Illustrations of people exhibiting the behaviors you’d like to see from your team and even yourself

Show people you care

Actions which connect with hearts and minds:

-Handwritten thank you card or words of encouragement

-Jumping in and working alongside someone, helping them where they feel a little less than confident

-Simple encouragement with a smile, hi-5, or a round of applause on a job well done

Take time to connect with the important people in your lives this week. 

Share stories of your own, listen to stories they have to share, and let them know how much you value them.

Show them how much you appreciate them.  Actions speak louder than words.