How to Lead With Hospitality in Six Simple (but not always easy) Steps

Leaders leading with hospitality understand how to connect, strive for self-mastery, serve, engage, coach, and inspire; in that order.  

If any one of these steps is taken out of order, it compromises a leader’s ability to appeal to and motivate the emotions which give people the energy and enthusiasm to move, take action, change behavior, become their best, or deliver their best work.

How to Lead With Hospitality in Six Simple (but not always easy) Steps

1 – Connect on a human level, which opens the door for you to take your team to the next level.

2 – Strive for self-mastery, and you’ll become the best version of yourself.  Before we can lead others to become their very best, we must first learn how to lead ourselves.

3 – Serve others, continually looking for ways to add value to their lives and work, before you look for ways to further your own agenda.

4 – Engage with others, through productive conversations, which spark curiosity and ultimately lead to meaningful, trusting relationships.

5 – Coach others once you’ve earned the right to do so with steps one through four and help them set goals and develop action plans to become their absolute best.  Create environments primed for self-motivation among every member of your team.

6 – Inspire people with relatable stories, memorable experiences, and by creating meaningful work.

Lead with hospitality…