It’s My Job


It’s My Job
“…If street sweepers can smile, then I’ve got no right to feel upset…”
– Jimmy Buffett, It’s My Job
Mom bought me this sign too. 🙂
We often get frustrated with where we are in our lives, our careers, and how things have turned out.  We get bored with our job, annoyed with tedious tasks, and we long for that next job or more exciting opportunity somewhere else.
I’m just as guilty of this as the next guy – always hoping, looking, and wishing for that next thing…that next job…that next promotion.  Not only is this the wrong approach, it is also nonproductive. Many of us have learned the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else.
Key Takeaway –Live For Today
Take pride in what you do, how you do it, and the impact your actions or words might have on your coworkers, boss, friends, and family.  My mom often tells me, “this is it…this is the show.  No point in waiting around for something ‘else’ to happen.”  She’s right.  She bought me a little sign that hangs in my room with a quote on it – “A person will be just about as happy as they make up their mind to be…” – Abraham Lincoln.  I look at it every single day. (Thanks, Mom!)
Mark Sanborn, author of my favorite book, The Fred Factor  (If you’ve never read it, read it…If you have read it, read it again.), says that we shouldn’t be so convinced that we need a new job, but instead we should approach our current job differently.  I’ve found this to be profound advice.  I sometimes find myself looking too far into the future, longing for that next big opportunity.  Focusing on making an impact today always results in a happier, more fulfilling, and much more productive experience for myself and those around me.
Tired of the menial tasks your boss gives you?  Tired of waking up early for work?  Tired of working late?  Tired of working weekends?  Annoyed with Guests, customers, students, or coworkers asking the same old questions about the same old issues?  Feeling like you’ll be stuck in the same role for the next 20 years and never be promoted?
Change the way you think about it…
When you’re walking into the office on a Monday morning or late one Friday or Saturday night, don’t be frustrated or annoyed.  Think about all the opportunities you’ll have to make an impact TODAY.  Think about all the people that depend on you.  Think about how much you’ll help a friend, coworker, boss, employee, Guest, or customer if and when you finish that assignment or solve that problem.  People may not show it, but you can bet that your contributions at work and at home are truly valued. Remember that…take pride in being the one that makes an impact.  Think of it as your job.
Quick secret – The beat goes on…work will come across our desks, and people will have expectations of us whether we like it or not.  How we choose to accept and embrace the cards we’re dealt is entirely up to us.  Why not take pride in whatever it is we do…why not go OneMoreStep in as many ways as we possibly can?  Even if we don’t love what we’re doing right now, we should take pride in doing it to the best of our abilities.  Tell yourself that it’s your job today…for now…and your work ethic today will not only be valued, but also come back to you ten fold down the road in the form of credibility, respect, and thriving relationships.  The promotion will be the cherry on the sundae.
At Disney, Cast Members are given clear expectations for their “role”…their role in the show.  I think the same applies in life. We all have our “roles”…which we should embrace as “our jobs.”
·      Right now a guy is on his way to a business meeting six states away from his wife and kids, but he’ll be back with the family this weekend.  That’s his job.
·      Right now a single mom is working housekeeping at a hotel to provide for her little ones at home.  She takes the bus across town, 45 minutes each way, to and from work.  That’s her job.
·      Right now American men and women are serving their country in various armed forces roles all over the world.  I was emailing with a college buddy, Rick Frank, just last week, and when I asked what he’s doing now he wrote:  “Major, US Army Warfighter, and right now running the Human Resources for an Aviation Brigade that provides World Class Service to over 4,000 Soldiers and their family members. Currently on the front lines of freedom in South Korea. It’s not Las Vegas, we work our tails off, but I get to see my family every night.”  That’s his job.  (I know…it gave me chills too…just awesome.)
·      Right now a passionate, educated, and capable young man is between jobs, applying and interviewing diligently for his next career opportunity.  He’s dealing with all the stress and anxiety that comes with unemployment.  That’s his job.
·      Right now a CEO of a large organization is negotiating deals, preparing for an upcoming board meeting, and trying to cut costs 10% without having to do lay offs…and squeezing in her daughter’s piano recital Friday night.  That’s her job.
If you have a job, take pride in what you do for a living.  It doesn’t matter if you are a street sweeper, teacher, housekeeper, or a CEO.  Do it better than anyone else…today…even if it’s not something you love to do.  Keep going OneMoreStep to make an impact for somebody or something.  You’ll feel better, they will feel better, and all of a sudden what was once mundane and tedious will soon become the foundation for a happy and fulfilling experience at work and at home.
If you don’t have a job at the moment, take pride i
n your journey back to the workforce.  What can you read, write, learn, and/or master in your off time that will not only benefit you but also your future employer?  Take pride in researching more than other applicants, preparing more, following up more, and networking more.  Don’t give up.  I understand the feelings, stresses, and worries of unemployment.  You will be back. Make networking your job.  Do not give up.  In the meantime, let go and let God.  Keep praying.  Keep serving.  Keep giving of yourself to others.  Have faith.When you think you’ve done enough, go OneMoreStep…IT’S OUR JOB!

Have a great week.


PS:  Coming Soon – FRED FRIDAYS…stay tuned

Watch this video…

One of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs, “It’s My Job”, written by Mr. Mac McAnally, paints the perfect picture of taking pride in what you do for a living…Enjoy.

“Take pride in what you do for a living…even if you have a job that sucks, ’cause that’s the quickest way to a job that sucks less.” — Mac McAnally


  • February 28, 2011

    Being your mom – the best job I've ever had!
    Proud of you,

  • February 28, 2011

    Excellent post Tay! A timely reminder to think like this in the middle of a grueling 8 hour rehearsal day… remember "There's only this…forget regret, or life is yours to miss" (Thats from "RENT"…hey, you quote Buffet I quote musical theatre)

  • March 8, 2011

    Such an inspirational writing. First time on your blog site; so glad I was told about it. Deep thoughts are only valuable if they raise you up! Thanks for all of your's!

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