The Missing Link to Be a Better Communicator 

How often have we walked away from a conversation, scratching our heads and feeling more bewildered than enlightened? All too frequently, right? The culprit behind these befuddling interactions often boils down to one missing piece: context.

Imagine this scenario: You’re in the middle of an intense conversation, your emotions are running high, and your passion is on full display. But here’s the catch – the other person seems utterly perplexed, as if you’re speaking a different language. What gives? The answer is simple: context.

You see, many conversations go south because we fail to recognize the varying contexts from which we and our counterparts are approaching a topic. What seems like a surge of conviction and passion to you might appear as irrational fervor to someone else, simply because they lack the context that’s driving your sentiments.

So, what’s the solution? Share your “whys.” Offer the backstory, the challenges, the reasons behind your fervor. Provide the full CONTEXT of the situation. Transparency is key.

But it’s a two-way street. Don’t forget to ASK for context when you’re on the receiving end of a passionate discourse. Instead of resorting to preaching or dictating, take a breath and inquire. You’ll be amazed at how this simple act can pave the way for understanding and more fruitful discussions.

Failure to acknowledge the importance of context often leads to communication breakdowns. Whether you’re on a phone call, interacting with colleagues from another department, or engaging with individuals who hold opposing viewpoints, ignoring context is a surefire way to hinder progress and sabotage relationships.

Conversely, when you hit the pause button and make an effort to understand the context – not just through words but by truly listening – you set the stage for genuine comprehension. This, in turn, fosters comfort and trust, the cornerstones of thriving, productive relationships.

In our quest for better communication, let’s remember: The missing link is often context. Recognize its significance and use it as the bridge to unlock meaningful exchanges. Context truly reigns supreme in the realm of conversation.

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