Three Strategies to Nurture Encouragement and Elevate Your Team

According to a recent poll, “59% of people have never had a boss who ‘truly appreciates’ their work”. 

Transforming the dynamics of encouragement within our leadership approach can reshape the narrative.

The act of encouragement remains a pivotal force in empowering individuals on your team to feel at ease with their identity, role, and contributions. Cultivating comfort through encouragement can unleash unprecedented levels of productivity.

Witness people standing taller, engaging more actively, and elevating their performance to deliver their best. The transformation might be instantaneous for some and gradual for others. Uphold your commitment, and observe the positive ripple effect.

Here, we explore three straightforward yet impactful ways for leaders to foster encouragement and bolster their teams’ confidence, enabling them to step up and deliver exceptional results.

1 – Recognition: 

Acknowledge contributions through various platforms—publicly, privately, through voicemail, text messages, or even social media. Leadership is not just about actions but the emotions they evoke. Appreciate both major and minor contributions, letting your team members know the extent of your gratitude for their dedication to the organization.

-Recognize effort
-Recognize uniqueness
-Recognize special talents

2 – Reminders: 

Reinforce positivity by reminding individuals of their past successes and the challenges they’ve conquered. While relying on past achievements might not always be effective, genuine reminders of their capabilities can instill the confidence to leverage their full potential today and in the future.

-Remind people of their strengths
-Remind people of their accomplishments
-Remind people of their potential, reigniting their passion

3 – Assistance: 

Dedicate time, be it five minutes, five hours, or five days, to support your team members. Few leadership actions rival the encouragement from leaders actively participating in the field, on the floor, and during critical moments. The emotional connection cultivated through such assistance translates into a willingness to go the extra mile.

-Help people understand their role and their contribution to the bigger picture
-Work alongside them to execute their role effectively
-Encourage them to embrace discomfort, as growth and excellence often emerge from such moments

“Be an encourager. The world has enough critics already.” 


Let this be the guiding principle as we strive to uplift and empower those around us, fostering an environment where success is not just achieved but celebrated collaboratively.

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