Here’s How the Best Leaders Craft a Compelling Vision for Their Team

Vision is the ability to think about or plan for the future with imagination or wisdom.

What’s special about that last part?  With imagination or wisdom?

What makes great coaches and inspirational leaders so special is their ability to be a visionary; they’re able to see a future many other people do not see.  

They not only see it, they believe it’s possible.  They have a genuine passion for possibility.

What’s your vision for your team?  Where are you taking them?  How will it feel when you arrive at your desired destination?  

As you think about first crafting and then sharing your vision, here are some keys to making it as compelling as possible:

A compelling vision:

  • Gives clear direction
  • Paints a picture of future success
  • Piques emotion which inspires action
  • Can be measured
  • Inclusive, welcoming, and inviting; drawing others to join the cause

Dream big. Use your imagination and all the wisdom you’ve gained over the years.  You’re where you are today for a reason, and those people on your team are watching, listening, and waiting to hear your vision.

Enjoy crafting and sharing it.  This is the fun part.  Dream big because anyone or any organization who’s ever accomplished great things likely started with a compelling, emotionally charged vision.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” 

~ Walt Disney

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