What Should Leaders Prioritize in 2023?

“79% of employees will quit due to a lack of appreciation” (Zippia).

Prioritize making your team feel appreciated.

When you serve your team, doing everything you can to help them become better, more successful, more fulfilled, or even more productive; they’ll appreciate you. When they appreciate you, they’ll give back tenfold. 

A simple act of service changes the game. It turns the tide and creates a sense of meaning and purpose in an otherwise mundane job or situation. The bonus is you’ll have taken another step in leading with hospitality, making them feel welcome in their role and on your team.

How do you make your team feel appreciated? You LEAD them: 

1 – Listen

To serve is to provide solutions and to take care of the needs of one’s self or others.  Therefore, in order to serve, we must first understand the need for our service.  The only way to fully understand the need is to listen.

2 – Educate

Always Look for Teachable Moments.  Take an extra five minutes here or half an hour there, to engage and educate your team. Chances are, few leaders have given the people on your team the attention they need and deserve. Invest time to teach. 

3 – Take Action 

All talk and no action is demoralizing. However, backing up a helpful coaching session with specific action steps to drive a team forward is noticed. When you take action, it’s not only contagious, it also builds credibility and trust with those you lead. When you act, your team will act. 

4 – Deliver on Your Promise.  

Great leaders communicate what they expect from their teams for sure.  They also have the courage to ask their teams what they expect of them, as their leader. It takes humility and a heart for hospitality, to approach leadership as a vessel to serve. Delivering on expectations is one of the best ways to provide great service to your team and a sure-fire way to deliver inspirational leadership.

Remember to prioritize making everyone on your team feel appreciated, not just the top leaders. Check out this startling statistic. 

“While 83% of organizations believe it’s important to develop leaders at every level of the company, only 5% of businesses have implemented leadership development at all levels” (Zippia). At Lead with Hospitality, we’ve created leadership development programs that support your team at every level within your organization. Learn more here. 

Have a great day!