3 Keys to Connecting One-On-One with the Members on Your Team

Anyone who’s experienced a leader of their own making sure this is never a meeting that gets skipped or canceled, will tell you it’s their favorite hour of the week. Here’s why: it’s a human interaction and connection all humans crave. We’re all wired to connect and relate to each other. For anyone who takes pride in the work they do and especially for whom they do it, an hour of connection with your direct leader can be the difference between a good day or week and a bad one. Watch this video for the three keys to connecting one on one with each person on your team.

You’re clearly committed to connected with your team. So I would love to offer you my Commitment to Connection: Complimentary Action Plan. Stay connected to your team despite physical and social distance. You’ll inspire them to work harder with more purpose while navigating change. Download here.

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