A “Twist” on Test and Control

Marketers usually follow a “test and control” methodology with their sales and marketing campaigns.

For example, they take a subset of their customer database, and “test out” a new program, promotion, initiative, or invitation. They identify another subset of their database, and for them, they basically do nothing.

The latter is the “control group”, and the former is the “test group.” The reason they “do nothing” with the control group is so they can compare how well the “test” performed. Did it drive more revenue, more frequency of visits, both, or nothing at all?

Life is a bit of a “test and control” with a twist

In life, professionally and even personally, stuff happens. Stuff tends to happen to us, to them, and to our organizations. Some things we cause while other things are sparked by our teams.

However, most of the time the “happenings” around us are 100% completely out of our control.

  • The goals are too high
  • The promotions are few and far between
  • The leads are weak
  • People are snarky and insecure
  • Bosses are…well, “bosses” as opposed to dynamic leaders

Unless you:

  • Set your own goals for which your bonus is paid
  • Are in charge of promoting yourself to Vice President
  • Have the power to magically make your prospective customers buy
  • Can leverage your superpowers to make someone less of a jerk
  • Wave a magic wand, to un-micro-manager your boss

You’re Left with One Option You’ve Heard a Million Times Before

The only thing you or I can do is the following:

  • Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

Reminding ourselves to spend our time, talent, and resources on things over which we can truly impact will not only make us more successful, but also allow for more happiness and fulfillment along our journey.

Suppressing the need for control is the true test.

Have a great day.

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  • November 24, 2020
    Mary Eason

    Astute as always, Taylor!

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