Three Ways to Help Your Team

Whether it’s for five minutes, five hours, or five days at a time, take the time to help those on your team. Few leadership actions are as encouraging as leaders of teams out in the field, on the floor and in the moments that matter as they help their teams. 

They’ll feel it, and you’ll feel it in their emotional connection to you, your organization and in their go-the-extra-mile performance. 

There’s nothing more encouraging than a leader who goes into each day by your side, helping you as opposed to holding power over you. Leading with hospitality is about encouraging and helping. 

Individuals on your team will feel the difference, and you’ll begin to see the impact. Productivity will increase, and shortly thereafter so will your most desired business results like profitability and sustainability, not to mention a thriving corporate culture. 

When it comes to helping people feel comfortable, remember sometimes as leaders it’s our responsibility to help people get comfortable being uncomfortable. The more we help people learn and grow, the harder they’ll work to further the team’s progress toward achieving success, together. 

  1. Help people understand their role and how they fit into the bigger picture.
  2. Help people execute their role by working alongside them.
  3. Help people get comfortable being uncomfortable, because that’s when they’ll grow and become the absolute best.

Have a great day.