3 Ways to GiVE Kindness

Three Ways to GiVE Kindness:

(The letter “i” is purposely lowercase, since the essence of kindness is to “give”, and to truly “give” anything of ourselves to anyone else, we put others before ourselves.  That’s why the “i” is lowercase.)

  • GiVE your time. Set aside time for each person on your team. Plan for it and give some time for the benefit of others. It will be noticed, appreciated, and worth it for both you and for them. Take thirty minutes each day to focus on one person on your team. Explore what you can do to help them, either personally or professionally. Pick a different person each day for a week or a month or more until you’ve made it through your entire roster of team members. Then go back to the beginning of the list and repeat. 
  • GiVE your talent.  Whatever is your greatest strength, your best talent, and “that awesome thing” people say you do better than anyone else, zero in on it and flat out give it away to people. 
  • GiVE your heart.  Perhaps the kindest, most welcomed and most comforting thing about any human being is when we know they care. When you give your heart to people on your team, you’ll inspire them to perform at their best and give more of what makes them great as well.  Kindness is contagious.  It’s worth spreading at work, at home, and in our communities.

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