Five Ways to GiVE Your Time to Those You Lead

I love the quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.”  The same goes for every person on your team. 

The one thing every person has in common with each other is we’re all human beings. People are people. Therefore, every person is experiencing real people problems.

When your team slowly but surely realizes you’re there to help them, not hurt them; the tide changes. As time goes on, when people see you walk the talk, giving your own time, talents, and gifts to others, they’re inspired to do the same.  

Those gifts can be tangible ones well as intangible ones.

Show me a genuinely kind leader, and I’ll show you someone who can successfully ignite action, meaningful work, and passion in a team. Passionate teams who engage in meaningful work deliver consistent results. Their results speak for themselves. Everyone who works there will say, they work as hard as they do because of the welcoming, comfortable culture of their beloved organization. 

Kindness Is Truly a Gift  

The very definition of kindness, says it’s, “the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.” Call me a nerd, but I also love the definition of generous which is, 

“showing a readiness to give more of something than is strictly necessary or expected.”

The beauty and underlying massive opportunity to display genuine kindness in leadership is that it’s often so unexpected. That makes it incredibly more impactful when people receive our genuine kindness. They’re not used to it. So, when we show up with kindness and genuine concern for them as humans and individuals, the results are amazing, well received, and special. 

One way to be kind to those you lead is to GiVE your time.  Set aside time for each person on your team. Plan for it and give some time for the benefit of others. It will be noticed, appreciated, and worth it for both you and for them.

Here are five ways you can GiVE your time to your team:

  1. Arrive early and prepare. Arrive thirty minutes early every single day and prepare specifically for meaningful conversations with people on your team.
  2. Be present, in the areas. Carve out time on your calendar to simply be present, in the areas, in your operations, or with your team.
  3. Offer assistance.  Offer your assistance to those on your team, helping them with specific tasks, deliverables, or projects on their plate.
  4. One on One’s.  Commit to weekly One on One meetings with each individual on your team to connect, talk about strategy, game-plan daily tactics, and share feedback with one another.
  5. Team Meetings.  Commit to weekly Team Meetings to bring everyone together so they hear the same message at the same time, in the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

Have a great day.

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