Delivering Results With and Through Others Starts With Connection

When people genuinely feel welcome on our teams and in our organizations, here’s what happens:

  • They relax and begin to feel safe, which allows them to be themselves.  
  • They begin to have an open mind, which sparks their creativity for new, fresh ideas.
  • They have less anxiety and fear, fewer doubts, and more energy, passion, and commitment.
  • They begin to enjoy their experience, which makes them more loyal.

We can help people feel more welcome and comfortable at work in the same ways we’d help them feel more welcome and comfortable in our own home.  

  • Ease Their Mind
  • Take Away Their Worry
  • Have Fun

If we’re going to create and spark emotional connections with others, we have to carve out time to CONNECT!

  1. Ease their mind.  When we ease their minds, they’ll undoubtedly feel more welcome.  The more we connect with people, personally, relationship tension drops and human connection builds.  People begin to relax.
  1. Take away their worry.  The more we’re able to take away worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety, the more welcome people will feel.  When we share clear expectations for what their role entails and when we seek to understand their expectations, worries, and anxieties of the unknown begin to subside, making way for more productive thoughts, feelings, and most importantly, the specific actions we need them to take in order to execute strategies and deliver desired results (with and through others).
  1. Have fun.  If we don’t have fun, we’ll be miserable; and it’s impossible to feel welcome if we’re feeling miserable.  So, it behooves all leaders to make sure to add an element of FUN in everything we do.

“We must establish a personal connection with each other.  Connection before content.  Without relatedness, no work can occur.” — Peter Block, American author

Commitment to Connection:

Leadership is our ability to influence, inspire, or motivate, and that all starts with connection. Emotions and emotional connections propel us into action.  Creating an environment that makes people feel welcome, comfortable, and important is the first step in successfully leading others.

In this session, your leadership team will learn:

  1. The psychology of motivating people.
  2. How to engage in effective one on one meetings to connect with teams on a personal, human level.
  3. How to prepare for and facilitate productive team meetings that bring members closer together; building trust and a sense of purpose within the team’s culture.
  4. How to use ongoing meaningful written communication to convey team goals whether employees are in the office or working from home.