Well before the pandemic, Gallup’s most recent State of the American Workplace report revealed that 51% of employees in the United States were actively looking for a different job.

Work Institute’s 2019 Retention Report conservatively estimates the average cost of turnover at $15,000 per employee.

That is to say, every time someone puts in their two-week notice, it costs $15,000 to replace them – recruiting costs, selection costs, orientation, onboarding, training, lost productivity during ramp up time, etc.

The concept of making sure your team feels welcome is the first transferable truth of the spirit and essence of hospitality, in the context of leadership. 

As leaders, we have many deliverables, to-do’s, and responsibilities on our plate. Getting into the role of manager, director, or vice president is only half the battle. Once you’re there, inspiring appropriate action and productivity are among the first of many tall tasks that await leaders.  

As a leader, you certainly have the responsibility of achieving success and delivering results for your organization.  However, you certainly can’t possibly do all of the work.  That’s why you have a team.  The extent to which any leader is successful in leading a team, depends to a large degree on whether team members are compelled to follow them, as their leader. 

The first step in compelling anyone to follow you as a respected leader is to first and foremost, make them feel welcome.

If they feel welcome, they’ll stay on your team, in your corner, on your side, and most importantly, with your organization. Perhaps more important than people staying with your organization is the work they do and how they perform while a part of it. They’ll begin to enjoy your presence and deliver results for you and, on your behalf, if they feel welcome enough to do so. 

When your employees feel welcome and enjoy their experience, working on your team and in your presence, your guests, customers, and clients will see and feel it. When your guests, customers, and clients see and feel it, you’re well on your way to developing a sustainable, profitable business. 

Five Ways to Make Sure Your Team Feels Welcome

  1. Reduce tension early and often by emotionally connecting with the hearts of those you lead One on One, in Team Meetings, and through written communication.
  1. Eliminate worries, doubts, and fear of the unknown by setting clear expectations for who is supposed to do what by when.
  1. Acknowledge people, pointing out how their efforts, talents, and skills will add tremendous value to the organization.
  1. Be serious about developing your team, but don’t take yourself too seriously.  Have fun and encourage everyone else to follow your lead.
  1. Encourage community-building among the team, with outings, potlucks, and opportunities to connect and bond, personally just as much as professionally.

“We must establish a personal connection with each other.  Connection before content.  Without relatedness, no work can occur.” — Peter Block, American author

Lead with hospitality… 

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