Three Ways to GiVE Your Talents to Those You Lead

It’s a huge opportunity to give of ourselves to our teams. The day-to-day doldrums of our job, the expectations and standards, the pressure, and the constant need to impress can clog up our minds. However, making a shift in mindset to generously give of yourself is always well-received. 

Giving isn’t always noticed, nor is it always acknowledged, but trust me, it’s always well-received.  

For example, have you ever heard someone say, “Boy, I sure wish he or she would stop being so kind all the time.?”  Me neither. Our genuine kindness has the potential to inspire, help, encourage, teach, coach, improve, and enhance the work of others and their lives. 

That’s reason enough to GiVE kindness. 

What about the people who receive your kindness and concern with doubt or suspicion? Perhaps they left a job where the culture was toxic. Or maybe in their personal life kindness always came with strings attached. Keep at it. 

Over time, your genuine kindness and interest will eventually touch them personally, which will lead to new realms of engagement and execution professionally.    

Here are three ways to GiVE your talents to your team:

  1. Leverage your strengths:  whatever your natural strengths are, GiVE them to people, early and often.
  1. Leverage your personality:  there’s only one person in the entire universe just like you.  That’s special.  So just be you, and you’ll be surprised how your humanness connects and inspires.
  1. Leverage your uniqueness:  whatever your quirks are and whatever experiences or attributes make you unique, leverage all of the above.  When you lean into your uniqueness, others will follow.  The result – collective creativity from the diverse team you’ve built.

Have a great day.

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