Dear Dr. King, … thank you.

Dear Dr. King, … thank you.

Dr. King, 

Thank you for accepting other people for who they are rather than what they accomplished.

Thank you for serving people who deserved your service just as much as those who did not.

Thank you for seeking to understand, with empathy in your heart and knowledge in your mind.

Thank you for giving your time and your talent, sharing your dream which is now our reality.

Thank you for reminding those who felt insignificant just how significant they are in God’s eyes.

Thank you for your encouragement then which continues to give us courage now.

Thank you for teaching us the power of grace and showing us how to be graceful.

Thank you for strategically planning when, where, and how you delivered your message.

Thank you for simply being the change you set out to inspire.

Your actions backed up your words, and your words connected with the hearts and minds of not only one race, but the human race.

You changed people. You changed the world.  You changed history, for the better.  You did it all by being human, with love and compassion in your heart.

I would have walked with you then, and I look forward to walking with you someday.  But today is your day.

Thank you, Dr. King, for leading with hospitality.

Happy MLK Day.