GiVE ENCOURAGEMENT. Especially right now.

What’s the biggest fear among all fears?

The fear of the unknown. 

The unknown always has and always will be the scariest thing.

 So, the question is, “What can we do?”

Maybe you’ve heard this time and again from parents, loved ones, coaches, teachers, mentors, or friends:

Control what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

I’m travelling this week, as I do most weeks; teaching, coaching, and doing my best to inspire leaders at all levels of organizations to become their very best.  With the happenings and goings on in the world right now, many of my colleagues and business partners are visibly concerned and nervous.  I am too.

Nobody knows what is going to happen.  We don’t know if and when normalcy will find its way back into our lives.  And just about the only thing safe to say is that we’re all feeling unsafe.

However, here’s a cool thing.  

This morning, I went to the hotel gym to sneak in a workout prior to our team’s collective effort, facilitating breakout sessions at a leadership conference.  I ran into two of my teammates, early in my workout, and they came right over and said hello.  

We acknowledged the elephant in the room – uncertainty and the fear of the unknown – but my two colleagues looked me right in the eye, gave me a fist bump before getting back to their workout, as if to say, “Everything will be alright.”

Later, I arrived to work and met up with more and more of my colleagues, partners, and teammates.  It was like everyone was speaking the same unspoken language of positivity.  Everyone was real about what’s happening, and also real about lifting each other up.  

Every single person acknowledged it, but then said something uplifting. I couldn’t help but feel inspired and more comfortable in the moments leading up to our conference.

Yes, this is a difficult time.  

The fear of the unknown will always be scary.  However, there’s one thing every single one of us can give, in every single situation, any day of the week, which makes even the scariest of times a little less so.  


When people are nervous, GiVE encouragement.

When people are scared, GiVE encouragement.

When people fear the unknown, GiVE encouragement.

When people doubt themselves, GiVE encouragement.

When people worry about their future, GiVE encouragement.

(Yes, the “i” is lowercase, on purpose.  Because to truly GiVE anything to anyone, is to put them first.  That’s why the “i” is lowercase… )

Somebody in your life, right now, whether at home or at work, needs encouragement.

Pick them up:

  • Recognize their strengths, beauty, and unique talent
  • Remind them of their past accomplishments – they crushed it back then and they’ll crush it now
  • Help them with their role or help them get comfortable getting uncomfortable; because that’s when we grow.

If you’re a leader, aspire to be a leader, or simply want to make a positive difference in the lives of those around you, one thing you can always GiVE to others is ENCOURAGEMENT.

It’s something of a magical fuel.  The more you GiVE it out, the more the tank is automatically replenished.

Now.  Right now.  Especially right now, people around us need encouragement.  

It’s best when it comes from us.  That’s what makes us leaders.