These Five Words Will Get You Out of Your Rut


Have you ever been stuck? Me too.

Have you ever experienced doubt? Me too.

Have you ever been discouraged? Me too.

Have you ever lost your confidence? Me too.

Jo and Beth March

My wife and I recently went on a date. Nothing special. It was dinner and a movie. For our movie choice, I deferred to my wife. She wanted to see Little Women. I, of course, knew about the movie, but I never really paid any attention to the plot, premise, or story of the movie.

During the previews, I’ll admit, I was watching an NBA game (Lakers / Rockets) on my phone. My wife was thrilled with that. However, once the movie began, I was locked into the story.

The scene where Beth and Jo are sitting on the beach sharing a special moment toward the end of Beth’s battle with her sickness struck a chord. If you know the story, it’s when Beth reminds Jo, who had lost her confidence as a writer, what Marmee had always taught them.

Do it for someone else.

At the time, I was experiencing some post holidays blues. I’m also a writer, and relate to Jo. It’s easy to lose confidence. It’s easy to let self-doubt creep in. It’s easy to get discouraged.

Until we remind ourselves why. Once we remember why our passions became our passions, why our underlying purpose inspires us to do more, become our best, and deliver our best work; doubt turns to confidence, and we become encouraged once again.

When we do it for someone else, it means more. And that’s why we give more.

If you’re stuck, do it for someone else. Those five words will get you out of your rut, every single time.

One for the road

The irony of the whole thing is, the reason I agreed to see Little Women in the first place is because I was doing it for my wife. She wanted to see it. By the end of the movie, I was inspired and that one line from Beth March picked me up and inspired me to get back to work!

Have a great day.



  • September 25, 2020
    Azalee Maslow

    Great tips! Thank you for sharing.


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